Sunday, November 23, 2008

Her Name's Ms Kaul

Her Name's Ms Kaul
Its time to reveal her true identity
I met her back in college. Was in my second year then.
We saw each other a lot, but our interactions were short lived.
Actually it was a friend of mine who introduced me to her.
Strangely enough, if not me , then my friends would make it a point to remind me of her.
We exchanged glances through the day, at times even in the night, especially during exam time.
I soon introduced her to more friends of mine, without any of them realizing she was the one.
Its been many years now, and we've stuck with each other through thick and thin..
I would say... "Tring Tring".. Oops, gotta go, my phone's ringing...
Naah, its just Ms Kaul..
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