Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crazy Date Night

Crazy Date Night

It was on the suggestion of my friend, that i went. Didn't know who it was gonna be till it was revealed while on the way to the place. Wasn't too sure about the whole thing even when i got to know about it, but that's ok. You've got to take chances in life.

Reached in the nick of time, she was already there. First look, not bad. Can't really say how her reaction was. I am bad at judging. Though, i am not sure if there was any. She was too engrossed in telling her side of the story. She talks, talks and talks some more. There is some silence in short gaps, and then she goes on. But i was not complaining or getting bored at all. Engrossed in just watching her. Its not like she was the most beautiful person ever, but just that she was quite interesting. 

A good half an hour into the conversation, i order - a Burger. Unusual choice? Weren't too many good options i say. So burger it was. She didn't have anything till later in the evening. Lots of more crazy conversation continued, where she spoke and i laughed on her jokes. 

Finally after an hour and 28 mins we called it a date(Not too sure if that's even a phrase). 

In entirety, Crazy Date Night. Short but nice. Burger was ok. Good fun in all. 


Oh, in case you are wondering who is being talked about. Then here's the link to her profile - (open in new window, so that you can come back and comment!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday Blues

Monday Blues
Do read till the end

The fact that i am writing this on a Tuesday is because i spent all day yesterday fighting my Monday navy blues and searching all articles available on the net about the phenomenon.  To save you all the time, here is a comprehensive report on the same. Now you know why they call it what they call it. 

Theory 1 - 

Back in the 18th century, in the highlands of Scotland, farmers were supposed to work all day long from Monday to Saturday. Under the strict regime of the feudal lords, they were banished from leaving their home on the one day they got off in fear of them flocking to other villages for better opportunities.When the farmers got out of their homes and rejoined work after having spent a complete day in darkness, they were welcomed by the shiny blue sky, which kept changing shades as they worked through the day eventually to be termed 'Monday Blues'.

Theory 2 - 

Germans have always been very particular about the way they dress. In trying to bring uniformity amongst their 75,000 employees, one of the largest factories of their times Nichelieb Corp started a practice where all people in the organisation had to wear the same shade of Blue all days of the week. It came into effect on 1st April, 1919 and that day was a Monday. The city of Hamburg witnessed a Blue brigade across the city in trains, buses, trams and on the road. While people were bemused with the occurrence, it was only when it was splashed on the front page of the papers next day, touted as 'Monday Blues' making them realize what had happened. 

Theory 3 - 

When people sleep like a baby on a Sunday night after partying hard on Saturday, the retina behind the cornea relaxes more than usual. So when you wake up on Monday morning, the eyes create a blue layer in your vision making things look a little blurred  leading scientists to term it 'Monday Blues'

Sources , ,

Happy April Fools in advance :) Hope you are a smart person. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Love..all over again

In Love..all over again

It was an year and 332 days ago that we parted. It was the abrupt end of a long term relation, one that left me deeply shattered. There never were any fights, we did not quibble over petty issues, the association was always in sync, but the inevitable happened. Call it my carelessness, or the bad habit of not paying attention to small things, i just lost her. I tried to get back, with many futile attempts at making contact, but i failed, i failed miserably. She just disappeared from my life..and there was little hope of coming back. There was once a time when we used to stay connected all through the day, and then, there was nothing. There were moments when she would make me laugh, feel elated or get me thinking, and then, there was nothing. I was her and she was me, we were inseparable, and then, there was nothing. 

They say in life, one must never say never. I think they are right. We finally met one more time, after oh so long. It was love all over again. It seemed like she never went away. The feelings that she evoked all those years ago came back gushing at me. It made me go singing and dancing just like the old days, felt like life was filled with a new found vigour, a brand new enthusiasm. I guess this is the beautiful feeling they call love.. The music, the madness, the late night talks, the early morning pepped up conversations,the companionship during all those journeys, they just all came back. 

P.S :  I parted with my love, my FM player an year ago, and we reunited recently. 

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Alarming Truth! A Confession

The Alarming Truth!
A Confession

It had to happen. The truth had to come out some day. After years and years of avoiding, u finally have to hear my story. 

Its sad and i don't understand why, but most of you hate me. Because from the way i see it, I should be the one hating you! You say i disturb you(well frankly you 'set me up'), but its actually the other way round. Once, at least once every day you have to trouble me. Whats the worst part, you deliberately do it at odd hours(once somebody bugged me at 4:30 in the morning!! :O i mean, get a life!) And thats not it, you also have this particular habit of pestering me for just a few moments. And some of you, those who are friends with Mr Snoo Ze, persist till either one of us gives up.

I mean why?? Why me. What happened to the cock? Doesn't he 'cock a doodle doo' anymore? It is all of this that actually makes me make you miss your trains and flights and important meetings time and again. Understand one thing very clearly, i love my peace,(sleep) and sanctity just as much as you, and you have no right disturbing me.

For the first and last 'time', i warn you, i warn you to get your act right soon. Otherwise..otherwise..i'll see to it that you don't wake up tomorrow morning..on time.

Alarm Clock

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes i No

Yes i No

You are standing lost on the road in an unknown corner of the city. You have to get to this certain place really soon, and you are very close, but still a little far. You look around, unable to find any signages that will lead you to your destination. There's no option left, you have to act the stranger that you are.

So you approach the nearest living being you can set your eyes on, and just suddenly pop the question "Excuse me, could you tell me the way to this address please?" Now when you catch people unaware, you hit them where it hurts most. Apparently, the person u've asked is new to the locality as well, but naa naa, that aint gonna stop him from taking a shot at this. So he starts, "Lets see....hmm.. u have to go to D Block right? hmmm...D - 236" pause "hmm...well this is A Block, F Block is at the far left...J is on the extreme should be somewhere in the middle.... i think" And you say"...ok".

So, that was help. That was help?? I mean why cant people simply say 'No', when they dont know the answer to something! Why the compulsory habit of trying, as if this is the one answer which will make you win the million dollars. And its not even that if you quit, you end up losing all the money you've won so far. Infact, on second thoughts, there is no money to begin with!

All said and done, i dont really know the answer to this question. How about you? Do you know? Come give it a shot, you know.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rain rain come again?

Rain rain come again?

After the sun makes everything way too dry,
we crave for drops which will fall from the sky,
and fill our hearts with vigour and joy,
soon enough, the monsoon does come by.

Then its time for jalebi, pakodas, tea and coffee,
not to miss the the love birds that roam the locality,
or the pleasant weather with breezy velocity,
which engulfes the city with scenic beauty.

So far so good, but then the troubles begin,
water logged roads, jams and drenched skin,
to be followed with a lot of sneezing and coughing,
and conked off phones which suddenly stop ringing.

To love it or not is entirely your say,
after all, things are balanced both the ways,
all i can think of is "rain rain go away,
come again another day, little Johnny wants to play"

Monday, July 06, 2009

U See?

U See?

All you bloggers cant u see cant u see,
how your vote's affecting my 'nominee',

everytime someone votes, my chances go high,
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Forget It!

Forget it!

You are looking for a pen to take down that important detail somebody just gave you, but cant find it anywhere. You saw it just a while back , where could it have gone! You look in the drawer, on the table, under the mattress, behind the TV, but no luck, cant find it. Exasperated, you give up, look down upon yourself(literally)... and there it is! In that shirt you are wearing, clinged to the pocket, lies your prized possession!

This is the perennial problem which has bothered human race since ages. What starts with childhood continues through your formative years and accentuates as you grow up further only to reach its peak during old age.

Be it the name of the person you just met in the morning, the place where you kept your wallet, that password, or those important documents(which are a favourite by the way), it seems like we love to forget. Forgetting can potentially result in situations which are uneasy, uncomfortable, embarassing,funny and even nerving at times.

When the keys to your vehicle are lying right there in your drawer, but you cant seem to 'find' them there. Or how you are discussing this movie, and are reminded of that song from the movie, but cant really recall it. Or the innumerous number of times when you end up asking the same people the same questions again and again(So where is it that you study? what was the name of your company? so child which class did you get into this year?).

So as i sat thinking yesterday about what i was thinking the day before, i realized its difficult; its difficult to remember what i was thinking about the day before a day after i thought about it. Get it? nahh? oh, just forget it!

Monday, June 01, 2009



With summers around, we all resort to cool ways to keep ourselves fresh. One such refreshing way is to eat fruits. Cherries and mangoes and melons and litchis, fruits just 'fruiten' up your day.

But did you know this fact about Litchis? Litchis were first discovered/grown in the east. It was found in the highlands of the eastern province of Beijing in the year 1887. The fruit was discovered by two brothers who were testing various combinations of fruit seeds in their family farm, and discovered one day this brand new plantation. The fruit was then named after the two brothers who first grew it - Lee and Chi..

Now aint that some Litchi for thought?

Disclaimer : The intellectual property rights with respect to the information shared here are reserved with the author. Trust me, you dont want to end up sharing this with anybody else. What if they actually know?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

U reading this blog?

U reading this blog?

Life presents us all with a lot of questions. Some are answerable, others not. Some are easy, others tough. Some are soft, others harsh. Some are tricky, others obvious.

It is this set that takes you by surprise(read shock, horror and dismay) because of its simplicity. These are the ones which are obviously obvious in nature.

For instance, you reach home early from a place that you generally would have come late from, and as you enter, you are confronted with the question - "You are home?!" And what should your reply be, "No, this is my ghost standing in front of you"/"No, i am my lookalike"/"No, you are hallucinating"? No, we all obviously say yes. So the thing is, that why do we all end up asking these obvious questions time and again? When we very well know their answer. By the way , what are you upto right now? Reading this blog, eh?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whats the time by your watch?

Whats the time by your watch?

Humans are interesting beings. They love things to work their way. They try and alter every possible thing/ phenomenon/ rule as per their own will. The fixation with changing things runs so high, that people even try and make time run by their own set standards.

Lets say the time right now is 1800 hrs(6 pm). While your neighbour might have his watch set to the right time(6 pm), your close friend's watch from school/college/work might show the time to be 6:10 pm. On questioning your friend's decision of fiddling with nature's creation, he will simply say that changing time helps him stay punctual. The argument here is, that the individual who has reset his/her watch constantly knows through the day that time by their watch is a few minutes 'ahead' of actual time, so how does it really help the person be any quicker in life?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Do you play the Blame 'Jam'e?

Do you play the Blame 'Jam'e?

You have to meet your friend at 11:00 am at the city's centrally located hangout joint. It usually takes around 45 minutes to get there, keeping the traffic in mind.

You get up at 9:00 am. You laze around. You then get on with the daily chores. You are ready by only around 10:30. Few minutes here and there, you leave at around 10:40, only 20 minutes away from 11.

You make a dash, in a futile yet desperate attempt to make it in time. Just a red light or two, there is mild traffic on that day and a smooth road otherwise.

Despite the hurriedness, you reach your destination late, having made your friend wait for around 20 minutes. Friend's angry, loathes at you, calls you names, tells you how you don't give a damn about other people's time, what he/she's had to do in the past 20 minutes, that too all alone! You feel bad, think of a good excuse to make up for the delay, one that would take the blame away from your innocent self.. Hmmm, oh yes thats easy.. One sentence and its all settled..

"There was a huge traffic jam on my way to this place, i would have otherwise reached well within time.."

Do you also play the Blame 'Jam'e ?

Monday, March 30, 2009

What else? Nothing much..

What else? Nothing much..

Day in and Day out as people talk, on the phone, chat, scrap, post or any of the many means made available to mankind, they think. They think about a lot of stuff, stuff that includes work, office, friends, party, hanging out, sports, deadlines,food, money, MBA and so on... There's so much that goes on in their head, that even a mind reader couldnt clearly decipher what they are pondering over.

Despite all the thinking, when they are confronted with the million dollar question of asking the other person a conversational question or answering it themselves, then they all meet the same fate.
A Regular conversation between two random people on any given day -
Hey hi? Hows ya?
I am good..
How bout you?
I am good too..
So what else?
Nothing much..
How bout you?
Same here, nothing much ya..
Right then,
tc, byee..
End of Conversation

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abey Mos ki toh!

Abey Mos ki toh!

There are these 'friends' in your life who are for some weird reason very close to you, finding their way around without you approving of their presence. They are irritating, very irritating, whatever they say ends up sounding like just sound, nothing more. They make it a point to disturb you at the oddest of hours. Its not as if they dont have other friends, they do, infact lots of them, that too from varied backgrounds, but they all are equally irksome. Day, Night, Evening, Mid Night, they'll be there..they'll be there to suck your blood! They are so annoying, that thinking of them just makes one go "Abey Mos ki toh!"

Zzzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzzz..See here they are..

Have a Good Knight,it keeps them away.
Right then, Over and All Out.
Also spelt Mos qui to