Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Love..all over again

In Love..all over again

It was an year and 332 days ago that we parted. It was the abrupt end of a long term relation, one that left me deeply shattered. There never were any fights, we did not quibble over petty issues, the association was always in sync, but the inevitable happened. Call it my carelessness, or the bad habit of not paying attention to small things, i just lost her. I tried to get back, with many futile attempts at making contact, but i failed, i failed miserably. She just disappeared from my life..and there was little hope of coming back. There was once a time when we used to stay connected all through the day, and then, there was nothing. There were moments when she would make me laugh, feel elated or get me thinking, and then, there was nothing. I was her and she was me, we were inseparable, and then, there was nothing. 

They say in life, one must never say never. I think they are right. We finally met one more time, after oh so long. It was love all over again. It seemed like she never went away. The feelings that she evoked all those years ago came back gushing at me. It made me go singing and dancing just like the old days, felt like life was filled with a new found vigour, a brand new enthusiasm. I guess this is the beautiful feeling they call love.. The music, the madness, the late night talks, the early morning pepped up conversations,the companionship during all those journeys, they just all came back. 

P.S :  I parted with my love, my FM player an year ago, and we reunited recently. 


Deepali said...

It was almost in fall that I last saw him. The time after that wasn't really miserable, as I never knew what I lost.

But a chance encounter with him today, and nostalgia now seeps into my mind with a roar.

I wish this time, we bid goodbye, only to meet again.

In love,

P.S.: Your blog, my charming man, is leaving hearts wounded.

Take care :D

Prateek Shah said...

@ Deepali - Absolutely, freaking, crazy AWESOME!!! Simplyyyy minddd blowingg!! It is for stuff like this that people write blogs!!! Thank you sooo much! this means a hellll lotttt :) Coool coool creatively constructed comment!

Thanks once again!

Shikha J said...

U n me finally have something we can share, something u'll probably understand better than anybody else..The joy of finding what was once lost..immeasurable..unfathomable, the secret of our gratified hearts!

Ismeet said...

Awesome work ji. :)
Hats Off to you.

tank said...

Thats true sir jee...Only the one who has felt the pain of missing/losing someone can understand the REAL happiness , when he/she finds the same someone BACK....AWESOME Work....:) :) :)

Ankush Thakur said...

A perfect piece of writing: tension, ascension, and finally--smack! The end leaves you spellbound.

I felt my heart racing as I plowed through line after line, looking for 'her.'

Fantastic job!

TJ Lubrano said...

Hellooo! It sure has been a while! How are you? This is brilliantly written haha! And I agree with Ankush. I really like this! Nice work!


Ankush Thakur said...

Not everyday someone praises a critique . . . thanks TJ! :)

TJ Lubrano said...

Haha! You're very welcome ^_^!!

Shas said...

Awesome. You have an innovative way of writing. Glad to know that u have got back to ur old love.

Annie said...

this was so well written :) (like always) I like the way u express ur emotions and u choose jus' the right words.
N u always do this Prateek; all through the article we keep wondering who is "she"?!!! u know what one day in future when u really try to introduce that spl "someone" to us we are going to be like "Oh yeah!! who is it now Ms.Kaul, Googal!!??"

Roshmi Sinha said...


Anonymous said...

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