Friday, January 18, 2008

Embarrassingly Funny Moments!

Embarrassingly Funny Moments!

There used to be this column in these things called “Slambooks”, which used to say - “Most Embarassing Moment : ” . This post here is dedicated to all such moments, moments that are embarassing for one, but funny for everyone :)

The Fire what??

Class 12th, mind you, in Bold letters, Class 12th. My English examination(not the final boards), and we'd to write an essay or something. I don't remember how, but i had to write something about a Fire Brigade. “Fire Brigade”, simple word, isnt it? Oh so easy to remember.. Oh so hard to forget.. so,i am writing, and writing, and i reach the place where i have to mention the “Fire Brigade”.. and what happens to me.. i go blank! I cant remember the thing that one has to call if there's a fire someplace, i know its “Fire something”, but cant remember the exact term. So, i show some creativity, and come up with a term by myself. The term i coin is - “FIRE AMBULANCE”!!! And then i actually wrote that in the answer sheet.. The sheet came back with the term encircled. To top it all, the teacher was Nath Ma'am!(u'd know her if u studied in Apeejay Noida).

Its one of those incidents that just stay with you for the rest of your life :) but its all fun i must say :)