Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes i No

Yes i No

You are standing lost on the road in an unknown corner of the city. You have to get to this certain place really soon, and you are very close, but still a little far. You look around, unable to find any signages that will lead you to your destination. There's no option left, you have to act the stranger that you are.

So you approach the nearest living being you can set your eyes on, and just suddenly pop the question "Excuse me, could you tell me the way to this address please?" Now when you catch people unaware, you hit them where it hurts most. Apparently, the person u've asked is new to the locality as well, but naa naa, that aint gonna stop him from taking a shot at this. So he starts, "Lets see....hmm.. u have to go to D Block right? hmmm...D - 236" pause "hmm...well this is A Block, F Block is at the far left...J is on the extreme right...hmm...so...D should be somewhere in the middle.... i think" And you say"...ok".

So, that was help. That was help?? I mean why cant people simply say 'No', when they dont know the answer to something! Why the compulsory habit of trying, as if this is the one answer which will make you win the million dollars. And its not even that if you quit, you end up losing all the money you've won so far. Infact, on second thoughts, there is no money to begin with!

All said and done, i dont really know the answer to this question. How about you? Do you know? Come give it a shot, you know.