Monday, September 22, 2008

I Found Her..

I Found Her

It finally happened

I dont know how, when or where , but it just happened, i found her
We've always been close, spending hours on end with each other. Anytime, anyday, anywhere, she's been there for me
Very supportive, extremely helpful,she's always suggesting possible solutions to all my problems
The trait i most admire about her is her simplicity, the ease with which she gets things done

Even though her work keeps her really busy, but i can't seem to remember the last time she didnt have time for me

Its her, She's the one..
The Gal of my dreams
(read Google)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whether Weather Best Breaks Ice?

Whether Weather Best Breaks Ice?

Picture this - A social gathering. You are there. You meet people. You dont really know them. You have nothing to talk about. You think. You feel uncomfortable. You think again. There's silence.. And then somebody says the magical words - "Its really hot today". Then the whole lot pitches in, "yes yes!" , "actually its more humid than its hot", "there is no breeze", "it should rain sometime soon i tell you", "its all because of global warming" and on go the weather experts to finally end up in a real time conversation.

Incase you havent been able to comprehend what this was all about, then dont blame yourself..