Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Alarming Truth! A Confession

The Alarming Truth!
A Confession

It had to happen. The truth had to come out some day. After years and years of avoiding, u finally have to hear my story. 

Its sad and i don't understand why, but most of you hate me. Because from the way i see it, I should be the one hating you! You say i disturb you(well frankly you 'set me up'), but its actually the other way round. Once, at least once every day you have to trouble me. Whats the worst part, you deliberately do it at odd hours(once somebody bugged me at 4:30 in the morning!! :O i mean, get a life!) And thats not it, you also have this particular habit of pestering me for just a few moments. And some of you, those who are friends with Mr Snoo Ze, persist till either one of us gives up.

I mean why?? Why me. What happened to the cock? Doesn't he 'cock a doodle doo' anymore? It is all of this that actually makes me make you miss your trains and flights and important meetings time and again. Understand one thing very clearly, i love my peace,(sleep) and sanctity just as much as you, and you have no right disturbing me.

For the first and last 'time', i warn you, i warn you to get your act right soon. Otherwise..otherwise..i'll see to it that you don't wake up tomorrow morning..on time.

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