Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maggi 2 Minute Noodles?

Maggi 2 Minute Noodles?

Now Maggi's one of the most liked dishes by anybody.. anywhere.. ever..

Not that i am a big fan,but its a fact, that kids to elders to kids to elders, they all love it. Reason - taste, ease of avaialability and the fact that you can prepare it in 2 Minutes.. Can You?
Lets make Maggi -
1) Cut the Pack and Sachet
2) Empty contents in a bowl of water
3) Start the flame.
4) Boil, Boil and Boil.. - The time depends on how raw a meal can you eat.

Now by the best of standards, all this takes you a minimum of 5 minutes!(it takes me more all the time).. so then the question is that why are they called Maggi 2 Minute Noodles???


ira said...

I've deviced a very cool way to make maggi. Try it sometime.
Mix maggi masala in half cup water.
1. Take 1n1/2 cup water(1 Cup=100ml) and boil.
2. Add maggi to boiling water.
3.Let it cook till it is almost done.
4. Now add the liquid masala paste we prepared and mix well in maggi.
5. Cover the container and switch off the gas.
6. Leave for a minute.
7. Ta daaan! delicious dry maggi is ready. This is my favourite!

PS: I dont know why its called two minute noodles. My recipe takes around five!

Prateek Shah said...

Thanks for giving us all a Brand New Recipe for making Maggi Miss Ira :)

shall try making it this way someday! seems nice :)

and good to know that its not just me whom it takes more than 2 minutes to make Maggi :D

Deepali said...

Its simply a marketing strategy. But now i am curious to know what's so special about the number 'two'.

Prateek Shah said...

marketing strategy.. hmmm, cant seem to buy that.. must be a deeper reason behind that..

I've decided to mail Nestle now, and ask them the reason for misleading consumers all their lives.. i want all my extra minutes that i spent on making Maggi back..

We Want Justice!!

Ravi said...

I just had a Maggie and saw your blog. I love Maggie too.

I like it with little extra water and butter. That makes it juicy :p

pournima said...

I am not at all maggy lover...belive me till date i havent tasted it :) :)

Prateek Shah said...

@ Ravi

Water and Butter.. hmm.. never tried that, lets see how it tastes the next time i have it :)

@ Pournima

Havent tasted it till date!!! :O :O :O Now that calls for a new post itself!

Dil Chahta hai ki ... jane bhi do yaro said...

ya right.maggi is a two minute noodle bt u have to wake up go to kitchen get the bowl, boil the water, wait for water to get boiled ....and so on.who has the time to do it all. more convenient is lays..

India Social Networking said...

Good recipe, I also don't know why they call Maggie 2 minuets noddle.
Thanks for sharing this recipe.

Sahil Rizwan said...

It's 2 minutes from the time you turn on the gas and start boiling, methinks... That's what I read somewhere about Nestle's rationale anyways... Similar question...