Monday, July 06, 2009

U See?

U See?

All you bloggers cant u see cant u see,
how your vote's affecting my 'nominee',

everytime someone votes, my chances go high,
and i hope this makes you vote for my..
blog, blog blog, blog blog blog blog(music!)

The blog's been been nominated for the 'Indiblogger of the month' award in the 'Original Humor' category at !!

Please cast your precious vote for me @
You just need to register at with your blog. You can vote only once.

Thanks in advance!


TJ said...

Your blog is really funny, dry humor is in my opinion the best ^_^! Have a look on my blog too, perhaps not that funny, but if you like illustrations...
BUT! You have my vote and watch! *click on 'follow' button and makes an account at Indiblogger*

Meira said...

that was cool.

Roshmi Sinha said...

You have been tagged!

Check out my latest post: "More tags... One down, 2 more to go!" for further info...

Roshmi Sinha said...

No posts for quite a while now... wassup???

Prateek Shah said...

@ TJ - Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a 'follower' :) Yes, i have had a good look at your blog, and posted some comments as well. It is indeed interesting :)

@ Meira - Thanks a lot Meira :) But i am nowhere compared to the kind of humour you create!

@ Roshmi - Hey thanks for tagging me! I did check the post. And congrats once again for finishing in the top three at the indiblogger contest :) .. Yeah, no new ideas convert to no new posts.. lets see..

Roshmi Sinha said...

Thanks! :)

Hope the creative juices start flowing soon... and we get more posts from you.

Prateek Shah said...

@ Roshmi - yes, the creative juices seemed to have started 'flowing' again, have a look!