Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday Blues

Monday Blues
Do read till the end

The fact that i am writing this on a Tuesday is because i spent all day yesterday fighting my Monday navy blues and searching all articles available on the net about the phenomenon.  To save you all the time, here is a comprehensive report on the same. Now you know why they call it what they call it. 

Theory 1 - 

Back in the 18th century, in the highlands of Scotland, farmers were supposed to work all day long from Monday to Saturday. Under the strict regime of the feudal lords, they were banished from leaving their home on the one day they got off in fear of them flocking to other villages for better opportunities.When the farmers got out of their homes and rejoined work after having spent a complete day in darkness, they were welcomed by the shiny blue sky, which kept changing shades as they worked through the day eventually to be termed 'Monday Blues'.

Theory 2 - 

Germans have always been very particular about the way they dress. In trying to bring uniformity amongst their 75,000 employees, one of the largest factories of their times Nichelieb Corp started a practice where all people in the organisation had to wear the same shade of Blue all days of the week. It came into effect on 1st April, 1919 and that day was a Monday. The city of Hamburg witnessed a Blue brigade across the city in trains, buses, trams and on the road. While people were bemused with the occurrence, it was only when it was splashed on the front page of the papers next day, touted as 'Monday Blues' making them realize what had happened. 

Theory 3 - 

When people sleep like a baby on a Sunday night after partying hard on Saturday, the retina behind the cornea relaxes more than usual. So when you wake up on Monday morning, the eyes create a blue layer in your vision making things look a little blurred  leading scientists to term it 'Monday Blues'

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Happy April Fools in advance :) Hope you are a smart person. 


Dil Chahta hai ki ... jane bhi do yaro said...

good :-)

shruti said...

Well :) :) Since i overlooked the message in the beiginning, I did not follow it up till the end..and somehow got amazed by the fact that people can come up with theories on that!! :) but then, thanks to prateek and gmail...i saw the weblinks.. :) well..jokes have reached a new paradigm :)
Good welcome message for fool's day :)
keep it up Prateek..I wonder how you get such ideas to blog about :) Well done!

Prateek Shah said...

@ Jasleen - Thanks a lot! :)

@ Shruti - Thank you so much for the constant encouragement Shruti :) Dont really know how this helps me, but it surely does do something which makes me feel good :) thanks again. till i have people around to support my lunatic ideas, i'll keep going strong! :D

đřęāмēř said...

Pretty interesting information. Thanks for sharing :)
I always related this phrase to the veins we see when we do HARD LABOR :P
So maybe we will make a few more theories ;)

Prateek Shah said...

Dear Dreamer, good to know that you liked it :) But could i just know who this is? Difficult to gauge from your profile there on blogger.

Also, if you happen to read till the very end you realise whats the real deal :) Read again i say :)

Priyanka Jain said...

lol... funny! :D

neha said...

bhai tooo good hai ji..... :)

Sunny Nagpal said...


Shreelaalit said...

Very innovative concept indeed....and the catch line really works "read till the end"...... Good Job Prateek....... you indeed are very innovative......

Umesh said...

Appreciating you for update me for meaning of MondayBlue.

I always felt its very depressing phrase which large number of people express in different way. In fact I don’t feel like this.
But I got to know this funny part behind this depressing phrase.

Thanks and keep me update

TJ Lubrano said...

Heey! How are you? You finally posted again ^_^

Very post again, gotta love the weblinks hehehe. How do you come up to post about the Monday Blues...doesn't matter just keep on posting more 'lunatic' ideas ;D!

Take care, TJ

Prateek Shah said...

@ Priyanka - :D i know after a long its come out funny!

@ Neha Didi - thank u hai ji :)

@ Sunny - thanks :)

@ Shreelalit - Thanks so much Shree :) Means a lot. Compliments from first time visitors are always special :)

@ Umesh Bhai - Shukriya shukriya :) thansk for visting and commenting :)

@ TJ Lubrano - heyy, i m good! how about you? ya posted after longgg.. and i shall definitely let the lunacy continue! :D

TJ Lubrano said...

Good to hear that! I'm doing pretty good myself! The end of my thesis is almost near yayy! hehe, yes I'm happy for this.

Take care!

anugya said...

awesome piece and thinking..enjoyed reading it ...till the end !!!!! :)

Amropali said...

My monday weren't blue for 20 years...until I joined the mess here in the campus. The reason (nothing blue)white and yellow rings and discs for breakfast(idli vada). Positivively hate it.

Prateek Shah said...

@ TJ - great to know that the thesis is ending! all the best for times ahead :)

@ Anugya - Coming from somebody's who writes for a magazine this means even more :) Thanks a lot :)

@ Amropali - Always good to see new visitors on the blog :)Hope you have a good time here

parth rana said...

Oh.. i thot i was the only retard... :|

Prateek Shah said...

@ Parth - u were wrong my friend, zere are many out dere :D

parth rana said...

heehee zankyu! akseptense fynali :)