Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chilly Myth Part 2

Chilly Myth
Part 2
We are nearing the end of December, and it'll soon be January.. Its chilly in Delhi and other northern parts of the country(India that is). Now we call it Winter here(The season that is), but the thing that got me wondering is that what do they call it in areas where it aint that chilly? Say a city like Mumbai, or Kolkota? Is it called Warm Winters or December Summer, January Autumn maybe?

It may be an obvious answer for many, but it did get me and many of my friends thinking.. So i am seriously seeking an answer.. anyone?

Chilly Myth - http://i-dout.blogspot.com/2008/02/chilly-myth.html


Aashi said...

just 2 clear one thing prateek...it is damn chilly in winters in kolkata :)

Prateek Shah said...

whoops! :) went there just once when i was really small, and dont think it was winters that time.. Geography's always been poor, hence the error :)

thanks for pointing it out :)

Hashir Tufail said...

I belong to Lucknow, and am now in Hyderabad for work :(. I really miss the chilly whether back home as winter here is mild and good whether for us (kind of gulabi thand as we say). But guess what - people here still use their jacket and pullovers - for them 12 degrees is very cold. God knows how they will survive in the chill of north India

Prateek Shah said...


12 Degrees very cold! :) thats something.. Well North India is one thing, i wonder how these people will do in some hill station :)