Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wedding Partea!

Wedding Partea!

Its weddings all around this time of the year.
Hate them, like them ,but u've definitely been to some of them.

Lets take a quick look at the Extended Menu of The Big Fat Indian Wedding -
Snacks(Paneer Tikka, samosa and so on) , Chaat Papdi, Pav Bhaji, Fruit Chaat, Gol Gappe(Pani Puri), Chowmein. Moving on to the main course, u'll get - Dal Makhni, Paneer(all variants), Dal Fry, Chole, Naan, Roti, etc. Then Sweet Dishes like Gulab Jamun, Barfi, Jalebi, Halwa, Ice Cream lure you towards the end.

That leaves us with the one section that supports them all - Beverages. You have - Juices, Cold Drinks, Hot Milk(Kesar Wala), Coffee, Water(Mineral).

So, thats one sumptuous meal right there, comprising it all, leaving nothing important out, right? Wrong!

Where is the Tea in the Wedding Partea?? I mean you serve every possible dish in the history of mankind, but what about the innocent tea, what wrong has it done to the wedding planners or the bride/groom family to not get included in Wedding's Hall of Fame! I say spare a thought for the tea drinkers who might be looking for a harmless cuppa right after their over stuffed meal!


alka said...

dont worry dear, u ll get ur cuppa of tea at my wedding.... thanks.. tumne meri aankhen khol di :)

Prateek Shah said...

Great to know that Alka! :) I am looking forward even more eagerly to your marriage now! :D

Anonymous said...

dont worry prateek...meri shadi me bhi specially bolungi tea ka counter rakhane ke liye...shadi ke liye mumbai aana padega lekin....

:) :)

Dil Chahta hai ki ... jane bhi do yaro said...

You dont have non veg items listed in your Extended Menu list :(
tea morning mein pi jati hai.to go to any morning wedding and you will find it. its hamrful for health if u take tea along with food. thats why people dont keep a stall of tea

Prateek Shah said...

@ Anonymous Parinaz -

Sure thing, please do that :)

Prateek Shah said...

@ Jassi - Good valid points both of them.

Well i am veg, hence the vegetarian menu. And as for tea, i think u maybe right. But i will find u a hundred people out of a few hundred who would like to have a cup of tea in the evening before their dinner.

karthik said...

prateek... offering tea to a guest is considered disrespect to a guest in South. And chennai is a land of filter coffee!!!

My grandpa takes 10-15 idlis and a mug of coffee as breakfast.

KuLDeEp LaHeRu said...

Hi boss, I agree with you and was longing to have a cup of tea at one of my friends' marriage, and that too at 2 a.m.
Bechari Chai... It helps people like me to get out of bed and we forget it in marriages!!!
Bahoot naainsaafi hai bhai... ;)

Aashi said...

lolzz wel prateek congrats on starting a new movement..i bet after this in the next 2 yrs we'd b seeing a lotta cuppas in the menu..sum trendsetter i say :D

karthik said...

just a refine my previous post -

offering tea is not considered disrespect but coffee is subjected to a step above than tea

Annie said...

Prateek mayb we can start this trend n the following generations wil do the same... someday sittin in a rockin chair u can proudly tell ur children n grandchildren n great grandchildren that u started this tradition ;)

Prateek Shah said...

@ Karthik - Offering tea disrespectful! :O Well good that you told me, i'll handle South Indian guests with care from next time on :) Well your grandpa's story says it all :)

@ Kuldeep Bhai - See thats what i am talking about! We dont get it but we need it! Kuch karna padega iska to :)

@ Aashi - Hey thanks as always Aashi :) Oh yeah for sure! Soon enough tea will make it to all the weddings!

@ Karthik - Thanks for the clarification :) Much needed :)

@ Annie - Now thats the kind of thing i am talking about! :D This is a small step for man, but will turn into a giant leap for mankind! Thanks a tonne! :)