Monday, March 30, 2009

What else? Nothing much..

What else? Nothing much..

Day in and Day out as people talk, on the phone, chat, scrap, post or any of the many means made available to mankind, they think. They think about a lot of stuff, stuff that includes work, office, friends, party, hanging out, sports, deadlines,food, money, MBA and so on... There's so much that goes on in their head, that even a mind reader couldnt clearly decipher what they are pondering over.

Despite all the thinking, when they are confronted with the million dollar question of asking the other person a conversational question or answering it themselves, then they all meet the same fate.
A Regular conversation between two random people on any given day -
Hey hi? Hows ya?
I am good..
How bout you?
I am good too..
So what else?
Nothing much..
How bout you?
Same here, nothing much ya..
Right then,
tc, byee..
End of Conversation


vaibhav said...

yup..very true... most of the conversations end up the same way... :)

Shruti Pavagadhi said...

I think thats very well said :) post is small but it brings out the essence..n leaves you with a variety of thoughts...
Are we too busy to engage in heart-to-heart conversation?
or Are we too smart to pretend that we are??

"Anything better not done..if its done for the sake of it..rather than the value of it"

Ismeet said...

so true... in fact the closest of friends tend to say the same lines after they start working..
kuch jyada hi personalized lives ho gayi hain.

Anuj Kapoor said...

very well said...This is called sms lingo..and this has had a major impact on using the correct form of English today. That's the reason why I hate using the SMS Chat bcoz I need to use short from of words and this really effects my English as well. See, here also I used "bcoz" instead of because...the reason being we have been used to these SMS lingo.

Prateek Shah said...

@ Vaibhav Sir - oh yes dont they :)

Prateek Shah said...

@ Shruti - you've brought out a very interesting point here.. and that is the truth, we dont speak much because we all have started loving to keep things to ourselves. gone r d days when people would speak their heart out, now its all personal..

Prateek Shah said...

@ Ismeet - absolutely true.. out of d many friends we have added on chat lists, we rarely go beyind hi hellos wid a lot of them.. this, after we've been close pals sometime earlier in life.. circumstances/time changes everything

Prateek Shah said...

@ Anuj Bhaia - yes thats another way to look at it, the sms generation has inculcated the 'brb', 'tc', 'what else', 'nm'.. and from the way things are moving, this seems to be the way ahead..

Deepali said...

Interesting. Excuse me if I sound too theoretical, boring, inane, or anything similar, but here's what I read about such one-to-one communication-
There are three stages: a) Phatic stage (when such meaningless hi's and hello's are exchanged. And one end up asking things that he/she really doesnt intend to know. But its more of a warm up period).
b) Personal stage (details about what's happening- with the family, at work, etc. )
c) Intimate stage ( avery few conversations reach this stage as it involves sharing information that we would like a very few people to know)

I guess mostly we end conversations at the phatic stage (could be due to preoccupation, lack of faith, or the kind of relationship that is required to share details). This is mostly a reiteration of what Shruti has said, but I differ in terms of believing in the idea of sharing details with just a few. :)

And the above might just be the longest comment ever on your blog! :P

Roshmi Sinha said...

Very apt! Ekdum thik!!

Prateek Shah said...

@ Deepali - Dont worry, you sound nothing like what you think you do! And yes, as u've said, it is the phatic stage that most people leave their conversations at. Nobody bothers to take it further, secretive us :)

Well you are right about the second part of the comment as well! This is indeed the longest comment ever on my blog!! Congratulations and Thank You!! I'll show this off to people :D

Prateek Shah said...

@ Roshmi - Glad there's support :)

Shas said...

Ya it happens at times with me too.
Especially when m tired or my mind is pre-occupied.