Friday, April 10, 2009

Do you play the Blame 'Jam'e?

Do you play the Blame 'Jam'e?

You have to meet your friend at 11:00 am at the city's centrally located hangout joint. It usually takes around 45 minutes to get there, keeping the traffic in mind.

You get up at 9:00 am. You laze around. You then get on with the daily chores. You are ready by only around 10:30. Few minutes here and there, you leave at around 10:40, only 20 minutes away from 11.

You make a dash, in a futile yet desperate attempt to make it in time. Just a red light or two, there is mild traffic on that day and a smooth road otherwise.

Despite the hurriedness, you reach your destination late, having made your friend wait for around 20 minutes. Friend's angry, loathes at you, calls you names, tells you how you don't give a damn about other people's time, what he/she's had to do in the past 20 minutes, that too all alone! You feel bad, think of a good excuse to make up for the delay, one that would take the blame away from your innocent self.. Hmmm, oh yes thats easy.. One sentence and its all settled..

"There was a huge traffic jam on my way to this place, i would have otherwise reached well within time.."

Do you also play the Blame 'Jam'e ?


Ismeet said...

Sp true.... waise i bet even you follow the same funda.. ;)
pata chal raha hai ab the reason you late all those times in college.. :D

Prateek Shah said...

:D well ya maybe, ab to yaad bhi nahin kitna kitna late hote the

akanksha said...

this is actually ur story dude...u always give the same excuse whie cuming to office..:P

Prateek Shah said...

abey yaar , ek jana college, ek jana office! i wrote a generic piece, koi apni story thodi suna raha tha! :D

Deepali said...

Don't you get it. Its generic and still your own story. Oh how close you are to the 'common' man. Lol! :P

Prateek Shah said...

ya now thats some observation :) me the common man! :)

Aashi said...

lolzz..well tht person waiting kinda reminded me of myself tht day we met up in CP ....membr?? :D

ankush said...

I expected more depth from you, but considering the good human being you are, I guess that's about as evil as you can get ;)

Prateek Shah said...

@ Aashi - well yeah i remember! the day we had the 'secret radio meeting':)

@ Ankush - hahaha, well what do i say to that :) But this blog aint supposed to evoke harsh feelings, guess thats why :) And er, can u please mail me your contact number?