Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 2:00 am Conversation

Heyy, guess what, i already found my first unimportant topic to post!

The following is an excerpt from a Yahoo Messenger Conversation between me and my Friend Deepti.. this was a time, when both of ur were getting really bored in our holidays, and had nothing better to do than come up with the following conversation.. Read On..

The 2:00 am Conversation -

raja_prateek : so wat else?
deepti_gupta : kuch nahi ya..
deepti_gupta : velagiri..
raja_prateek :ya how can there be kuch bhi
deepti_gupta : tu bata
raja_prateek : there are things to tell when u do something the whole day
raja_prateek : No how can u describe Velagiri
raja_prateek : main kya bataun
raja_prateek : Nothing as such
raja_prateek : tu koi particular Q pooche to bataun
deepti_gupta : he bhagwan
raja_prateek : well ya u can say i talk a lot
deepti_gupta : u do no doubt
raja_prateek : I do no doubt
raja_prateek : i solve no doubt
raja_prateek : of y friends
raja_prateek : *of my friends
raja_prateek : Thats was the Worst PJ ever
deepti_gupta : it ws definitely
raja_prateek : see i am intelligent :)
raja_prateek : i know wat is wat
raja_prateek : and wat is no wat
raja_prateek : *not
deepti_gupta : maaf kar ya
raja_prateek : Watt is the Unit of Electricity
raja_prateek : actually Watt Hour is
raja_prateek : Kilo Watt Hour
deepti_gupta : i dnt wanna knw
raja_prateek : u dont wanna know wat???
deepti_gupta : wat r u sayin?? i cnt make head or tail out of it
raja_prateek : Head or Tail are the 2 sides of a coin..
raja_prateek : actually Head and Tail
raja_prateek : Give up Deepti
deepti_gupta : yeah i knw dats wat m sayn
raja_prateek : Give up
deepti_gupta : both sides of d coin
raja_prateek : Give up, say u Lose
raja_prateek : then i'll stop
raja_prateek : LOSER
deepti_gupta : i wnt
raja_prateek : L-)
raja_prateek : Okkkkkk
deepti_gupta : :-P
raja_prateek : so wat was ur name again...
raja_prateek : Deepti
deepti_gupta : yes
raja_prateek : u know PTI is a News Agency
raja_prateek : and when u say it with a lot of Flair, u say
deepti_gupta : i knw..wat do u hav 2 say about dat nw
raja_prateek : The PTI
deepti_gupta : the pti
deepti_gupta : dat is deepti
raja_prateek : or Dee PTI
deepti_gupta : thanx..
raja_prateek : DEEPTI
raja_prateek : Thats How u got ur name
deepti_gupta : i gt it b4 u told me
raja_prateek : Aunty being an English Hons Grad
deepti_gupta : u loser
raja_prateek : was talking to Uncle this One ORNING
raja_prateek : mORNING
deepti_gupta : ya m listenin
raja_prateek : over this News article that was there in the Newspaper
deepti_gupta : noooooooooooooooooooooo
deepti_gupta : bachao mujhe is paagal se
raja_prateek : so she said, " Oh How Lovely, this artile is by Dee PTI" !!!
raja_prateek : To which Uncle said
raja_prateek : Ohhh
raja_prateek : know what
raja_prateek : it sounds nice
raja_prateek : we'll name our Second Child that
raja_prateek : Dee PTI
deepti_gupta: dats cool
raja_prateek : and if we have a third one, we'll name him Dee TOI !!
deepti_gupta : nt dat bad actually
deepti_gupta : bas nw shut up




Aashi said...

lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....n i thot i was pathetic in pj's.. :P

althou id say tht was more cumin frm a streak of a genius prateek lol...not every1 wudv thot tht ways truly :D

hmm kep gngwith this nonsensical stuff hmm does dee PTI knw abt this post?? :O??? ;)

Prateek Shah said...

Oh as far as these PJs go, i'll let u in on a bit of a secret.. a PJ is actually a Prateek's Joke :D .. there goes anoder one!! :D

and ya , i made sure Dee PTI got to know about this post from me than me getting a beating after her getting to know about it from someone else :P !!

Ab said...

nice stuff bro!..

Jaani...jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain unhe pathar nahi phenkne chahiye!!.... ;)

Somthing i found on net...njoy!!

Prateek in....prateekshah....

i wonder what this sounds similar to.....

Prateek Shah said...

Thanks AB!

and shall check the link , seems interesting..