Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First Post! and this is Important :)

Well here's the concept behind this Blog.. U know how world over there are events happening by the second, how there are so many important instances in our day to day life, how u simple stay so occupied thinking about all that has happened and all that is there in the pipeline.. This Blog is meant to Discuss NONE of that... (i know you cud see that coming, but still had to dramatise it a little :) )

So the Big Question is , what is this Blog meant for??? Now, that is a question that will be answered once things get underway on this Blog.. Trust me there are many intricate things that happen, which people simply dont take notice of, but we, we are here to discuss just that!

Keep the Posts Coming,
Happy Blogging :),


Aashi said...

n iv already begun my crazy journey prateek :P hope u contit...

thnx 4m all the various dodo's lyk me 2a r8 thinkr lyk who who considerd tht even we morons need sum sorta entertainmnt inthe form of blogs.....

hi5!!!! ;)

Prateek Shah said...

Ohh yes we need some entertainment :)

hi5! (But i prefer Orkut! :D )