Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i-dout : The Story Behind the Name

Although it may seem as a natural acronym of the name of the Blog, but on delvin deeper, u will realise that the name was meant to be "I Doubt"!, but because of me not being able to find a word beginning with "B" to fit in before 'Topics', and also the fact that i-doubt is a name that is already taken..

Newez, i guess, u spell 'doubt' differently, when the 'douts' are not Important :)


Aashi said...

oh thtsokprateek ratherits more eyecatching...u knw wen sumthing seems amiss ppl read tht more...
( an integral part of human nature...basking upon others errs :P)

newyz type a b the other way round(which incidently i cant here :O) but dod tht n watevr uwrite folks wud notice...

reminds me once i wrote "videos" as "vedios" as mahorky name..n bino igot folks

so yeh u get noticed thru these errs prateek soits a bonus 4 ye blog :)

err sry abt tht blabberingas usual :P

Prateek Shah said...

Hmmm, never saw it all this from that perspective!

Guess i'll just abide by these words from Miss Aashi Joshi :)

Thanx :)